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Difficulties attaining in reading in spelling?

Difficulties unexpected in relation to age, level of education and experience?

Want to find out if there are indicators of dyslexia?

What is a literacy profile assessment

This is a shorter assessment which provides information on an individual's strengths and difficulties in relation to phonological awareness (ability to accurately identify, discriminate between and manipulate the separate units of sounds in words) and effects on attainment in spelling, writing and reading, producing a shorter report.
This assessment can be useful as a dyslexia screener but is not a full diagnostic assessment and cannot be used for an application for Disabled Student Allowance. The purpose is to provide individuals with information that may help them to understand any difficulties they are having, and provide recommendations of support. Results from these assessments are not intended to give firm evidence that dyslexia is identified.

Literacy profile assessments take between 1-1½ hours, depending on the individual.

Literacy profile assessments (verbal feedback only) £250
Literacy profile assessment (short written report) £350
If the individual would like to book a full dyslexia assessment following the literacy profile assessment, a discounted cost will be given if booked within two months.


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